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'Amari and the Night Brothers' by B. B. Alston

Reviewed by Lilia - Berkelouw Paddington


I stayed up well beyond my bedtime to finish this book, just because I NEEDED to know what happened!

A secret society of people well equipped and tasked to hide all evidence of supernatural beings from the rest of the world. Was there an Earthquake? Probably a witch who got her potion wrong but you won't hear about that. Flooding? Well thats just slimes hibernating in the water pipes. This world of secrecy and wonder is what Amari Peters stumbles into when a mysterious suitcase arrives on her doorstep on the day of her 13th Birthday.

It is everything you want from a childrens book, action packed, gripping story, great character development and a plot twist that makes you want to read it all over again!

Absolutely excellent!

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Amari and the Night Brothers
Alston B.B.