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Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood, by Sarah J. Maas

Reviewed by Lilia, Paddington


Sarah J Maas drop your mic, pick it up and then drop it again!

From an author loved by many for her young adult fiction, 'House of Earth and Blood' was an excellent entrance into a new market of readers. Don't let this book fool you either, its blurb may make it seem superficial, but it is anything but! I was laughing, crying and everything in between all the way through this book. 

It did take a little bit of rereading at the beginning to make sure I truely had grasped the new high fantasy world that Maas has created, but enjoyable throughout. 

It may be a behemoth to behold, but I am already ready and raring to begin reading it all over again!

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House of Earth and Blood CRESCENT CITY
Maas Sarah J