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Earthlings, by Sayaka Murata

Reviewed by Lilia - Berkelouw Paddington


'How far would you go to be yourself?'

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy this book, because I did, I really did. Even with its onslaught of uncomfortable and quite frankly horrific moments smeared throughout its pages. Murata takes you to the edge of your comfort zone and then sharply throws you as far out of it as possible. It maintains the same level of subtely and insight into human nature as in 'Convenienve Store Woman' but goes very VERY far beyond. Earthshattering may have been a more appropriate title.

This book won't be for everyone, all I can suggest is give it a go, and if you need to chat about it afterwards, pop by our Paddington store for a post-'Earthlings' debrief. :)

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