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Yacht Were You Thinking?: An A-Z of Boat




Price: $19.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN13: 9781472944375
Published: October 2017

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Naming a boat is as personal as naming a baby (even if few male skippers would risk telling the wife that). The culmination of many years of dreaming and penny pinching, the purchase of a boat of any size is a huge event for any sailor, and with that comes serious naming pressure. Many boatowners have a secret fear that someone else got their brilliantly original name first or ruined it for ever by reducing its reputation to snigger-worthy opprobrium. Sometimes it 's so difficult to name a boat that skippers are desperate enough to ask the sorts of people who think Boaty McBoatface would be a good choice -

The perfect gift for any skipper or would-be skipper, and featuring hundreds of common and uncommon names, this entertaining little book will answer perhaps the most important question new owners should ask themselves- what will this name say about me' And as everyone knows, once you 've named a boat, you never ever change it, so it also answers the question- what is my boat name saying about me'

Names will be categorised and listed alphabetically within these chapters-
- Pun Intended (some reveal a classic wit, others reveal just how many desperate unfunny dullards there are sailing around in yachts called Seas the Day)
- Common as Muck (bad names Moondancer, Wave Catcher and others that sound like names from a bad children 's novel- where they come from, why they 're bad, and how to avoid inventing another)
- A Bit of Pedigree (good names but probably too classy for you to get away with copying them)
- Don 't Even Go There (they might be uncommon these days, but sometimes there 's a good reason for that)
- Word Piracy (expressions borrowed from other languages - with varying degrees of wisdom)
- Myths, Legends and Gods (inspired by heroes and deities of cultures now lost to the past)
- The Devil 's Own (don 't tempt fate by calling your boat Invincible, as the Royal Navy did each time the last one sank/exploded plus other superstition-violating names)

With fascinating history, a fair bit of psychology and a lot of humour, this is the essential guide for all would-be boat owners, and anyone buying a gift for Dad for Father 's Day or Christmas.

Book details and technical specifications

Format: Hardback
ISBN13: 9781472944375
Published: October 2017

Number of pages: 144
Width: 12.9 mm
Height: 1.8 mm
Depth: 18.7 mm

Publisher: not specified

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