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Prophet by Helen Macdonald & Sin Blanché

Reviewed by Kiah

In a remote field in England, random objects start appearing. A bouquet of flowers, board games, a toy dinosaur, a motorbike jacket, even a whole American diner. These items are bright and nostalgic - treasured mementos from people’s pasts. But looking closer, there’s something not right about these objects. And then the deaths begin.

Sunil Rao is an odd choice for an investigator. He’s erratic, sarcastic, and barely recovering from a deliberate overdose following a mission gone wrong. He’s the complete antithesis of Lieutenant Colonel Adam Rubenstein, a model military man and Rao’s assigned case partner. But Rao has a unique ability to distinguish truth from lies, whether it be in words, people, the past, or immediate present. Yet as Adam and Rao delve deeper into the killings, they realise the answers may lie in their shared past.

Fast-paced and compelling, ‘Prophet’ is a supernatural crime thriller about love, longing, and the dangerous appeal of nostalgia.

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