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All the Light We Cannot See

Reviewed by Jade Brown-Zwar


'All the light we cannot see'  is a beautiful and enchanting novel which presents a different perspective to the highly sensitive and horrific time of World War II. Following the live of a German boy and a blind French girl, Anthony Doerr not only siezes the power of language to paint the alternative world of a blind girl; he addresses the moral and ethical boundaries which were so frequently crossed in the war. Through the eyes of Marie and Werner, Doerr refuses to focus on despair, cleverly intertwining the lives of two children thrust into a dividing war. Doerr proves that against all odds people try to be good to one another.

 'All the light we cannot see' is not just another devestating World War II tale; it is an enchanting novel which leaves the reader optimistic and hopeful.

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All the Light We Cannot See
Doerr Anthony