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Royals by Tegan Bennett Daylight

Reviewed by Poppy Solomon

~ Stuck in an eerie shopping centre outside of time and space, with everything they could ever want at their fingertips, six teens become like family ~
This isn't an apocalyptic sci-fi story about kids who turn into heroes; the teens form close bonds with each other, drink bubble-tea every day, and have unlimited luxuries - their apocalypse might not be so bad. Dubbed as the 'anti Lord of the Flies', this novel explores what teens are actually like. Being set in an Aussie shopping centre that felt so close to home makes this book an incredibly immersive experience, and each of the teens was written with such authenticity and care.
(Poppy interviewed Tegan Bennet Daylight via #LoveOzYA. Listen to the recording on her podcast, Writing YA With Poppy (HYPERLINK).)https://www.poppyspagesediting.com/podcast/episode/3491e90b/author-interview-royals-author-tegan-bennett-daylight-for-loveozya 

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