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An important collection of original autographed correspondence from Lord Mountbatten to Author/Historian Michael Harrison in connection to the research undertaken in Mr. Harrison's book on the invasion of Europe in 1944




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This is a rare or used book from the Berkelouw Rare Books Department.

Besides the letters from Lord Mountbatten (totalling 10 and written between 1963 and 1965) complete with their original envelopes the collection includes letters from such signatories as Major-Gen. Sir Harold Wernher who was responsible for coordinating preparations for the launch of the Normandy operations and the construction of the Mulberry Ports; Sir Solly Zuckerman Secretary Ministry of Defence Whitehall (5 letters 1964-1967); and Vice-Admiral John Hughes-Hallet. The collection also contains photographs (neatly captioned on verso) of Mountbatten Maj.-Gen. George Patton General Crittenberger Churchill Senior Military Officers and others; original artwork used to illustrate the book; and copies of copious papers concerned with Cabinet War Office and Combined Operations decisions relating to the preparation for the Invasion - all of which are of the greatest interest to the military historian. An inscribed and signed copy of "Mulberry: The Return in Triumph" is included with this collection. From the time he began his research the author worked with the help and constant supervision of Lord Mountbatten who gave the author not only his own recollections but also introductions to all the senior officers of the three Services (and some important civilians) in both England and America who were connected with the preparations for the D-Day Invasion. Although Harrison collected the facts and wrote the book the text was by agreement not passed to the printer until Lord Mountbatten had given it his approval and so in Mr. Harrison's own words "It really ought to be considered as much Lord Mountbatten's book as mine ... perhaps even more so". The collection totals 44 pieces. Desirable.

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Stock No.: 159991
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